Geepas Energy Saving LED Bulb - GESL55011

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Brand : Geepas
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Geepas Energy Saving LED Bulb - GESL55011

Brand Geepas
Item Energy Saving LED Bulb
Model GESL55011
Product Features • Never touch the bulb during and just after lighting
• Power:20W
• Never install where water may drop on the lamp . product size pia 80
• 50mm
• Never install where ambient temperature may rise
• AC: 150-240V 50/60Hz 180mA above 40°C
• Color temperature:6
• 00K
• Never use on a source voltage that fluctuates 6% above
• Mercury Content: Omg or 10% below the lamp's rated voltage
• Switching cycle:17160s
• Lamp PF: 0.5
• Starting time : 0.2s
• CRI: 84.5Ra
• Rated lumens:18001m

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