ABC Slim Belly Patches 10 Pcs

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ABC Slim Belly Patches 10 Pcs

Brand Other
Item ABC Slim Belly Patches 
Pieces 10 Pcs
Description Adhesive abdominal and waist slimming healthy product to lose fat accumulated in the abdomen with no diet and sports
These plasters are the most effective and natural way to lose weight quickly because natural ingredients that do not contain any ephedrine or caffeine are free from any side effects or allergies.
These plasters also work to reduce appetite for food, thus lower calories, speed up your metabolic rate, and burn excess fat, so as to help you lose weight and can be reached on the best result of maintaining a balanced diet and moderate exercise.
Plastering works 1. Prevent the absorption of sugar, grease and carbohydrates
2. To eliminate constipation and obesity-based waist area
3. Helps to burn fat and detoxify the accumulated fatty substances in the body.
Usage Graduation of slimming patches from their own bags and attached to the navel
Stick one daily and leave on the abdomen for 12-24 hours,
Overall use for one month for better results

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