DJI Mavic Pro with 4K Drone Camera - Mavic Series

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DJI Mavic Pro with 4K Drone Camera - Mavic Series

Brand DJI
Item Mavic Pro with 4K Drone Camera
Model Mavic Series

The DJI Mavic professional could be a little however powerful drone that turns the sky into your artistic canvas simply and while not worry, helping you create each moment AN aerial moment. DJI Mavic compact size hides a high degree of quality that creates it one in all DJI’s most sophisticated flying cameras ever. Twenty-four superior computing cores, AN all-new transmission with a four.3mi (7km) *range,

In DJI Mavic 5 vision sensors and a 4K camera stable by a 3-axis mechanical gimbal area unit at your command with simply a push of your thumb or a faucet of your finger.


The DJI Mavic uses DJI’s fresh developed OcuSync gear. a part of the Lightbridge family, OcuSync performs much better than Wi-Fi transmission the least bit transmission speeds. OcuSync additionally uses more practical digital compression and channel transmission technologies, permitting it to transmit HD video dependably even in environments with sturdy radio interference. Compared to ancient analogy transmission, OcuSync will transmit video at 720p and 1080p – similar to 4-10 times higher quality, while not a collar forged, static interference, unsteady or different issues related to analogy transmission. Even once mistreatment constant quantity of radio transmission power. DJI MAVIC OcuSync transmits additional than analogy at four.1mi (7km)


DJI Mavic Ultrasonic waves associate degreed Time of Flight (ToF) sensors live} typically accustomed measure a distance from an obstacle, however, each strategy calculates distance supported signal reflection and area unit thus dependent on the form of the obstacle. this implies distances from common obstacles like rocks and branches cannot be perceived.

Flight Autonomy offers the DJI Mavic long very, high exactness obstacle sensing, sectionalize it to scan its surroundings in 3D before kicking off. Flight Autonomy ensures the DJI Mavic exactly locates obstacles around it. police investigation obstacles need obtaining data regarding the obstacle to the Mavic supersonic and Toff sensors live distance by police investigation the primary mirrored wave.



DJI Mavic situations while not satellite positioning will be divided into 2 main varieties. First, satellite property could also be untouchable once flying inside. Second, satellite property is discontinued throughout an outside flight, like by flying below a balcony or flying from inside to outdoors. The loss of satellite positioning makes these eventualities dangerous for brand spanking new pilots, or those that wish to fly long distances*.

If the drone desires to position itself victimization satellites, the flight controller desires this location and flight speed of the craft. However, if the drone has to position accurately while not GPS, flight standing and site can get to be collected in a different way. Vision positioning equipped drones typically use what's called AN Optical Flow visual positioning system, consisting of twin unbearable sensors and one camera.


When planning the DJI Mavic, we tend to wished to cut back its size while not sacrificing flight time. Since the Mavic incorporates a current four.1mi (7km) (Unobstructed, freed from interference, once independent agency compliant) Full High Definition (FHD) video gear, we tend to know customers would need to enhance flight time and speed to relish their flying additional. this {can be} why the DJI Mavic can fly for up to 27* minutes and reach speeds of 40mph (64kph). as a result of the DJI Mavic is way smaller than the Phantom four, it needs an excellent additional economic system. The potency of the Mavic’s system permits it to fly quite double the ten minutes that different folding or pocket-sized drones on the market are capable of.

Its system is additionally additional stable than smaller drones that don't have the facility to fly in sturdy winds. The flight time of a drone is heavily obsessed on its system and its overall power consumption.


DJI Mavic Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) may be a shake reduction technology supported image cropping. it's significantly in style among compact and little drones since they will be created a lot of just by exchange a 3-axis gimbal stabilized camera with a set camera and EIS. EIS works by cropping edges from a 4K image, and might on paper produce a sleek full HD 1080p video from an ingenious 4K video. However, EIS is unable to utterly eliminate shaking and introduces ripples in each photo and videos.


Everyone loves a good photo. Whether you just want to take a snap or are building up your port folio, the Mavic's 12-megapixel camera with Adobe DNG RAW support is ready to shoot 

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