Eazy Kids Smart Musical Pod White

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Brand : Eazy Kids
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Eazy Kids Smart Musical Pod White

Brand Eazy Kids 
Item Smart Musical Pod White

Science has proved that plants love music but have you ever seen real plants playing music to your tunes? We made it real! Yes this Smart Musical POD is a gadget that makes you play music when you touch the leaves of your plants. Sounds unrealistic but this is magical POD which is multifunctional as well, it’s a Bluetooth speaker, is also a flower pot, a piano and a night light lamp. How does it works? Grow your favourite plant in this Smart Musical Pod. When you touch the leaves of the plant, it will play music with every touch, similar to a piano! Meanwhile, ring light will twinkle along with the rhythm. The same Smart Musical POD can be used as a Bluetooth speaker. Connect it instantly to your smart phone and relax with the Smart musical POD. Night Lamp mode allows you gentle night light which changes its colour gradually for a calm and soothing environment. This is a perfect gift for your parents who would love the soothing music and magical touch. Propose your girl friend in a unique way with the piano on plant and play the music from your mobile! Gift it your kids to surprise them with the magic.

1. Durable waterproof non-fragile material, suitable for your bedroom, living room and outdoor garden.
2. Multi-function Gadget - Bluetooth speaker, Multi-colour light, Play piano. All function fulfilled by simple touch on the plant
3. Concise design abounding in sense of art offers an amiable aesthetic feeling. It’s not only a flowerpot that you can pot up to purify air at home or office but also a night light. The Circular Warm 7 LED change Light is great for your bedside once you turn it into Night Light Mode.
4. Battery Capacity – 1200mAh, rechargeable with USB charger
5. Net weight  - 400 gm
6. Size – 114x114x117mm Bluetooth distance – 10m
7. Comes with a Charging cable and detailed manual for instructions and gadget care.

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