FischerTechnik Robotics Sensor Station IoT, 544625

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FischerTechnik Robotics Sensor Station IoT, 544625

Brand FischerTechnik

FischerTechnik Robotics Sensor Station IoT, 544625

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A professional introduction to data logging! The stationary sensor station with a moving camera, new environmental sensor and other sensors, enables the measurement of air temperature, humidity, air pressure, air quality, volume and brightness. The models can be programmed and controlled with the graphical programming software ROBO Pro and the ROBOTICS TXT controller, and are ideal for teaching topics such as (data logging, programming and the use of actuators and sensors. The sensors data can be collected and plotted on a graph. In addition, the model can connect to a WiFi network, so that the camera can also be controlled from a distance. The TXT controller can also be connected to a cloud server, where the sensors data is saved and can be retrieved. So using a user interface, a so-called dashboard, the various sensor data can be permanently monitored, and the movement of the camera can be controlled.

Further models and applications the pupil can first design and then control are: Barometer (measures air pressure), Damp monitor (measures humidity and air temperature), environmental wellness sensor (measures the air quality, temperature, humidity) with LED display, noise sensor (measures volume) and frost monitor (tests temperature against the freezing point). When the pre-set limit values are exceeded, the system alerts the user via an LED display or with an alarm tone. There are many more possible applications. The innovative teaching material from fischertechnik supports you in practically conveying technical understanding and giving them a real insight. The accompanying instructional booklet, with teaching and lesson materials, offers background information, projects , and programmer tips.

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