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Green 3 Tone Accessory Complete Set 90 Days

AED 70.80
AED 84.00
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SKU : OE2554
Brand : Other
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Green 3 Tone Accessory Complete Set 90 Days

Brand Other
Item Green 3 Tone Accessory Complete Set 90 Days
Life Span 90 Day
Color Green

2 Tone Eye Accessories give more of a defined look, with toning around the rim and iris when placed into the customer's eyes. As with the 1 Tone Eye Accessories this range sells all year round as it enhances the customer's natural eye colour or changes the eye colour altogether.

Daily Colour Vision ’s are fashion eye accessories that change the colour of your eye whilst giving them a defined natural look. These eye accessories feature a unique pattern which overlays the natural base to create a stunning new eye colour suitable for any occasion. This range is ideal for customer’s wishing to change the colour of their eyes whilst keeping a natural realistic eye colour.

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